Obligations Of A Sponsoring De Facto Partner

Australia's de facto visa entitles an offshore de facto partner or spouse to an Australian citizen or permanent resident to travel and reside in Australia together with their partner. If awarded, the de facto visa acts as a temporary visa and its validity period spans 2 years, after which the de facto visa claimant has the right to lodge a request for Australian permanent residence. In order for the applicant to be awarded a de facto visa, they must have a guarantor or a sponsoring partner, in this case their Australian citizen partner. This article highlights the various obligations or responsibilities that the sponsoring de facto partner agrees to.

Fill in the sponsorship form as a sign of commitment

The Australian department of Immigration expects the sponsoring partner to complete the sponsorship application form, which is lodged accompanying the de facto visa application. Further to that, the sponsor must append their signature on the form as a sign of commitment that they will fulfill their expected obligations.


By appending your signature on the dotted line, you are responsible for providing satisfactory accommodation to the de facto visa claimant upon their entry in Australia. Since the validity period of the visa spans 2 years, you will have to provide the applicant with accommodation lasting at least two years after the award of the de facto visa. In a de facto relationship, you will be living under the same roof as de facto partners.

Economic assistance

The sponsoring partner is responsible for providing financial support to the applicant. This means providing their basic needs like food and clothing for the duration of their visa period. Additionally, you are also expected to meet their healthcare expenses in the event that they fall sick.

Employment or schooling opportunities

The sponsoring partner is responsible for informing the applicant of any available employment vacancies. Additionally, if the applicant wishes to enroll in college, the sponsor is expected to take care of their education expenses. If the applicant is not an English speaker, the sponsoring partner must support them to enroll in English language lessons.

Social integration

The sponsoring partner has a responsibility to ensure that the applicant settles as fast as possible in Australia. First, they must inform them of Australian mores, like how to behave in public. Further to that, the guarantor must introduce the applicant to migrant support groups, religious or cultural groups, and explain to them how to use the various forms of public transport including speed trains, buses and cabs.

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