Don't Ignore These 3 Signs That Your Air Conditioning Unit Needs Repair

It's never good to ignore signs that an air conditioning unit needs repair, as some small repair jobs can lead to larger and more expensive jobs that are needed down the road, and can also mean your unit failing on the hottest day of the year. Very often homeowners overlook signs of needed repair work because they don't realise that their air conditioning unit is breaking down, so don't ignore them. This will ensure you get your unit fixed as quickly as possible and that it's always working during summer months.

1. Thumping or grinding noises

An air conditioning unit may make a slight whirring noise as the motor and blower turn on, and you may hear the air coming through the vents. However, thumping or grinding noises are not normal and should not be ignored. Very often this means a part has come loose inside the housing of the unit and is bumping other parts, or is in the way of the motor or blower as it turns.

Ignoring these sounds and the needed repair can mean letting a broken part cause severe damage to other parts including the motor and blower, so that your unit fails altogether and so that you face even more expensive repairs.

2. Burning, mildew, or other odd smells

Burning smells can also mean that a part is stuck between another part, and you can smell as the motor or blower begins to burn out. Mildew smells often mean that the condenser is not working as it should so that moisture builds up inside the unit, and you can smell the resultant mildew. This moisture can also interfere with the motor and blower and other parts working, so never ignore any odd smells that come from your air conditioning unit.

3. Spikes in your electric bill

Your electric bill will of course go up as you use your air conditioning unit, but if you notice what seems like an unusually high electric bill, your air conditioning unit may need servicing. The motor or blower may be working harder than they should, or your home's vents may need to be cleaned.

When vents are dirty, the unit needs to work harder to push air through and in turn, it suffers more wear and tear. You'll use more electricity to keep the motor and blower functioning, and in turn your utility bills will be higher. If you cannot explain this spike in your bill by way of a rate hike or any other reason, have your air conditioner checked for maintenance or needed repairs, and consider having your home's vents cleaned by resources like Beacon Air Services.