When Will You Need a Structural Engineer?

Are you worried about the structural integrity of your building? Perhaps it has suffered storm damage or maybe it is simply in need of some major repairs after being neglected for a while. Whatever the reason for your concern, a structural engineering company will be able to help.

What is structural engineering?

While living or working in a building you must be confident that the building is safe and isn't going to suffer a serious structural collapse while you or others are inside. Structural engineering covers all aspects of structural integrity and the factors which could impact the way the building responds to its environment. Engineers will look at proposed building designs or repairs and assess whether the design and the intended materials are suitable for their intended purpose. A structural engineering company will look at forces such as wind pressure and even gravity to see what effect they could have on a structure and whether they could cause the building to suffer damage.

When might you need structural engineering services?

If you are constructing a new building or repairing one that is severely damaged then the need for structural engineering help may be obvious but the scope of structural engineering goes far beyond that. Perhaps, you are confident in the stability and integrity of your building but you want to add an extension. When adding an extension, a structural engineering team will need to consider not just the integrity of the extension but also the effect it could have on the rest of the building. It doesn't matter whether you are adding a storey to your building or building a new room connected to the side of your home, a structural engineering team will want to be certain that your foundations and the construction of the building are sufficient to support the extension. If problems are found, they will be able to discuss what reinforcement may be needed to allow the extension to proceed.

Sometimes you may not want to extend your property but you would like to add weight to your property in some other way. Perhaps, you have been considering fitting solar panels, wind turbines or other means of energy generation to your roof. Before adding this extra weight to your property it is advisable to speak to a structural engineering team to find out what needs to be done to strengthen your property so that it can support the extra weight.

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