Applying For A Partner Visa? 5 Questions To Ask Your Immigration Lawyer

Most partner visa applicants will hire an immigration lawyer to help out with the various aspects of visa application. The article below discusses a few questions that you should ask your immigration lawyer. Hopefully, it will ensure that you hire a lawyer and better understand the partner visa application process. 

1. Are You Experienced In Partner Visa Applications? 

Your immediate concern should be the expertise of the lawyer regarding the partner visa application. Check online reviews and consult some of the lawyer's clients to determine the lawyer's success rate. A good immigration lawyer should go to all lengths to ensure that their client acquires their preferred visa. It would include training them for interviews, accompanying them to the interview, and appealing their case. 

2. What Documents Are Required? 

Documents are a critical component of the partner visa application process. Similar to other Australian visas, you must present your identification documents. Additionally, you will need a medical certificate to prove that you do not have an infectious disease. The sponsor and the applicant should also have a police certificate. 

You will also require documentation to prove the genuineness of your relationship. For instance, if you hold joint bank accounts or property, the lawyer will use them to establish the financial aspects of your relationship. Plane and bus tickets, hotel receipts, and vacation photos will show that you spend time as a couple. 

3. What Challenges Are You Likely To Experience? 

Your lawyer will manage your expectations from the onset. For instance, if you're de-facto partners who do not meet the one-year relationship requirement, the lawyer will argue your case before the Department of Home Affairs. If your partner has been sentenced for more than 12 months, the lawyer will need sufficient evidence to prove that they have reformed.  

4. How Long Does Processing Take? 

Most applicants will want their visas processed within a few weeks. However, the application process takes a minimum of 24 months. Suppose you wish to visit Australia before your visa approval. In that case, the lawyer could ask you to apply for an alternative visa and commence the partner visa application once you are in Australia. 

5. How Much Will It Cost? 

The immigration department charges a standard application fee. In Addition to this, your lawyer will charge a service fee. It would be wise to assess the rates of similar lawyers to know if your lawyer's pricing is reasonable. Ideally, you should negotiate the service fee and ask the lawyer to forego extra and hidden fees. 

When interviewing your partner visa immigration lawyer, inquire about their experience, documentation, likely challenges, processing time, and the application costs.